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Charles Hubbard Sr. and Jemima Capps Hubbard

  Husband: Charles HUBBARD Sr.  
  Born:                          in:      
  Married:                       in:  
  Died:    03 January 1836       in:  Pike co Illinois
  Father:                        Mother: 
  Other Spouses: 
  Wife:    Jemima Capps 
  Born:    31 December 1767      in:  	
  Died:          		 in:  
  Father:            		 Mother:  
  Other Spouses: 
  Name:    Rachael HUBBARD
  Born:    26 October 1792       in:  
  Married:                       in:  
  Died:                          in:  
  Spouse:  James Simpson 
  Name:    David HUBBARD
  Born:    18 November 1795      in:  Madison Co., Kentucky
  Married: 02 May 1815           in:  Bofin, St. Louis co, Missouri
  Died:    14 June 1868          in:  Polk co, Oregon
  Spouse:  Hannah Morrow, Mary Littleton Thurman 
  Name:    John McDade HUBBARD 
  Born:    18 July 1797          in:  
  Married:                       in:  
  Died:                          in:  
  Name:    Charles H. HUBBARD, Jr.  
  Born:    14 February 1800      in:  Madison co, Kentucky
  Married: 20 December 1829      in:  Lincoln co, Missouir
  Died:    02 May 1884           in:  Marion co, Oregon
  Spouse:  Sarah King, Margaret Cannon 
  Name:    Mary A. HUBBARD 
  Born:    18 September 1802     in:  
  Married:                       in:  
  Died:                          in:  
  Name:    Eunicy HUBBARD
  Born:    01 January 1804       in:  Madison co, Kentucky
  Married: est. 1820             in:  
  Died:    07 November 1858      in:  Pike co, Illinois
  Spouse:  Richard Morrow 
  Name:    Jane HUBBARD 
  Born:    20 December 1805      in:  Madison co, Kentucky
  Married: Abt. 1827             in:  
  Died:    Aft 1872              in:  Missouri
  Spouse:  Isaac Lawson 
  Name:    Eli HUBBARD  
  Born:    27 February 1808      in:  Kentucky
  Married: 06 May 1836           in:  Missouri
  Died:    November 1882         in:  Oregon
  Spouse:  Keziah Cannon, Margaret Myers, Elizabeth Buchanon 
  Name:    William HUBBARD 
  Born:    07 February 1810      in:  Missouri
  Married: 26 December 1843      in:  St. Louis, St. Louis co, Missouri
  Died:    01 May 1872           in:  St. Louis, St. Louis co, Missouri
  Spouse:  Frances Virginia Drexler 
  Name:    Joseph H. HUBBARD, Jr.
  Born:    14 March 1812         in:  Missouri
  Married: 22 December 1842      in:  Pike co, Illinois
  Died:    1888                  in:  Oregon
  Spouse:  Ruth Crawford, Sara Elvira Venable 


Charles HUBBARD, Sr. was an early pioneer in the westward expansion of our country; it is believed he was born in colonial times (late 1700s) in either NC or VA. Charles HUBBARD moved to Kentucky sometime after the revolution. He then moved, with his family, to Missouri around 1809 and lived in St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, Montgomery and Pike co., MO before crossing the Mississippi River to Pike co Illinois about 1832. Charles HUBBARD Sr. was one of the earliest settlers to Pike co Illinois and either he or his son, Charles Jr., helped map out the town of Pleasant Hill. Charles HUBBARD Sr. had 10 children.

Charles married Jemima CAPPS. Although there are references to Jemima being a LEWIS, evidence clearly points to Jemima as a CAPPS. See reference to marriage of Pheobe Capps.


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