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James Cannon and Rachel Stark

  Husband: James Cannon  
  Born:    Dec. 11, 1762	in:  Newberry, South Carolina
  Married:                	in:  
  Died:    April 30, 1842 	in:  Lincoln Co., MO
  Father:  Samuel Cannon     	Mother: Lydia Pennington or Davis
  Other Spouses: 
  Wife:    Rachel Stark
  Born:    est. 1768           	in:  
  Died:    est. 1831           	in:  
  Father:   			Mother: 
  Other Spouses: 
  Name:    Samuel Cannon
  Born:    Oct. 2, 1786        	in:  South Carolina
  Married: July 28, 1810      	in:  Christian Co., MO
  Died:    Dec. 8, 1857         in:  Lincoln co, MO
  Spouse:  Temperance Stewart, Hannah Allen
  Name:    John Cannon
  Born:    March 16, 1790     	in:  Lincoln co, Missouri
  Married: January 27, 1813   	in:  Christian Co., KY
  Died:    June 13, 1871       	in:  
  Spouse:  Jane Knox
  Name:    Lydia Cannon
  Born:    November 4, 1791	in:  Robertson Co., TN
  Married: May 21, 1806         in:  Christian Co., KY
  Died:    September 12, 1869   in:  
  Spouse:  John Collard, Isaac Thurman, J. Sinclair
  Name:    Isaac Cannon
  Born:    November 4, 1793     in:  Robertson Co., KY
  Married: February 6, 1817     in:  Christian Co., KY
  Died:    May 3, 1862          in:  
  Spouse:  Mary Collard
  Name:    William Cannon
  Born:    September 12, 1795   in:  Robertson Co., TN
  Married: March 15, 1814       in:  Christian Co., KY
  Died:    March 7, 1861        in:  Nebo, Pike Co., IL
  Spouse:  Nancy Byars
  Name:    Elizabeth Cannon
  Born:    Est. 1798            in:  
  Married: November 8, 1812     in:  Christian Co., KY
  Died:    est. 1839            in:  Randolph Co., MO
  Spouse:  Jehugh Pyle
  Name:    Nancy Cannon
  Born:    April 29, 1800       in:  Christian Co., KY
  Married: November 12, 1816    in:  Christian Co., KY
  Died:    September 15, 1875   in:  Collins Co., TX
  Spouse:  Jacob Stinebaugh
  Name:    Ephraim Cannon
  Born:    December 16, 1801    in:  Christian Co., KY
  Married: November 20, 1825    in:  Lincoln Co., MO
  Died:    April 11, 1867       in:  
  Spouse:  Dorothy Hunter
  Name:    Mary Cannon
  Born:    February 28, 1803    in:  Christian Co., KY
  Married: est. 1822            in:  Missouri
  Died:    est. 1826            in:  Missouri
  Spouse:  Thomas McCoy
  Name:    Rachel Cannon
  Born:    December 4, 1804     in:  Christian Co., KY
  Married: est. 1821            in:  Missouri
  Died:    July 4, 1876         in:  
  Spouse:  John Rollins Trail
  Name:    Keziah Cannon
  Born:    est. 1806            in:  Christian Co., KY
  Married: July 28, 1826        in:  Lincoln Co., Missouri
  Died:    est 1828             in:  Missouri
  Spouse:  Eli Hubbard
  Name:    Rebecca Cannon
  Born:    est 1808             in:  Christian Co., KY
  Married: June 28, 1827        in:  Lincoln Co., MO
  Died:    May 9, 1837          in:  
  Spouse:  Joseph Barnett
  Name:    Margaret Cannon
  Born:    April 19, 1811       in:  Christian Co., KY
  Married: December 20, 1829    in:  Lincoln Co, Missouri
  Died:    December 07, 1879    in:  Hubbard, Marion Co, Oregon
  Spouse:  Charles Hubbard, Jr.
  Name:    Jane Cannon
  Born:    April 17, 1815       in:  Christian Co., KY
  Married: February 25, 1834    in:  Missouri
  Died:    January 21, 1860     in:  
  Spouse:  Nicholas Thomas Dameron


James Cannon was born in Newberry Co., SC. At the age of 15 or 16 he enlisted in the patriot army and fought for Independence. According to his pension application James served in the company of Capt Mathew Gillespie at Edgels Station and served at Dugan's Station. He was with Capt. WM. Grady scouting and joined Col. Levi Casey in the hunt for "Bloody" Cunningham in the lower part of SC. His first experience in the west was with Capt John Virgin rafting the Tennessee River during the war. He spent two years with Capt. Thomas Stark. He undoubtedly met Rachel during this time. Rachel was probably a niece of Capt. Thomas Stark.

Upon completion of the war he married Rachel Stark, returning to Tennessee to settle in Robertson County about 1789. He would have been among the first settlers in this area. The trip was undoubtedly arduous for James, Rachel and their oldest son, Samuel, who would have been an infant or toddler at the time. There are 2 land entries in Robertson co., TN for James Cannon. #4479 "Transferred to James ______ 2/1797. James Cannon transferred to Robert Muir, 1797" and #4519 "274 acres Assigned to James Cannon in 1797 and Cannon transfered it to James Easton in 1797, with James Thompson a witness". (from Tennessee Genealogical Records, pg. 12) James and his growing family moved to Christian Co., KY around 1797. Many of his children were born and several were married in Christian Co., KY.

James and most or all of his children moved to Lincoln Co., MO in 1818. There he applied for a Revolutionary War Pension in 1838.


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