The origin of Jedediah McCumber and his ancestors is cloaked in mystery. There is a lot of information to be found on the Internet, but there is little proof to back up many of the claims. This website is devoted to presenting copies of original documents that mention Jedediah and his family. I welcome comments and especially primary sources material to add to the story of our McCumber ancestors. Kathi Gardner
Story Fact
Benjamin McCumber was married to Susan Stark.
  • Charles R. Stark, in his book "The Aaron Stark Family" (pg. 19) lists Susan Stark as a daughter to Obadiah and Susannah (Walworth) Stark. He shows Susan married to Benjamin McComber. This is a family history published in 1927. Many of the early family histories relied on information directly from family members, rather than primary sources. Mr. Stark does not list any sources in his book and therefore better evidence is required to corroborate this fact.
  • There a listing in the LDS IGI for a marriage between Benjamin McCumber and Susan Stark in 1782 at Paspebiac, Quebec, Canada. This was submitted by LDS patrons to the IGI. Susan's father is purported to have moved to Nova Scotia after the French were expelled at the end of the French & Indian War. It is possible that Benjamin & Susan were married in Quebec. However, the date would not fit well with Benjamin's Revolutionary Service Record. And there is no indication that the Stark's or McCumber's were in Quebec at this time. No marriage record has come to light yet. The most likely location for a marriage record would be Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut.
Benjamin McCumber died in the Revolutionary War. The National Archives (NARA) has a service record for Benjamin Mackinbar. He enlisted on Feby 28, 1777 for a term of 3 years. He is shown as Deserted Octo. 77. He was a Pvt. in Bulls Company, Col. Samuel B. Webb's Regiment. The record, which has been transcribed from payroll records, is in the name of Benjamin Mackinbar.
Jedediah McCumber served in the Revolution. The National Archives (NARA) has a service record for Jedediah Mackenburgh, with a pay record in the name of Jedediah McEmber in the same service record. He enlisted on Feby 28, 1777 for a term of 3 years. He is shown as Deserted Apl. 26, 78.
Jedediah McCumber served in the Revolution prior to enlisting in 1777 at Connecticut. Jedediah Maccomber is listed in Capt. William Manchester's company, Col. Richmond's Regiment, dated Feby 17th, 1776.
Benjamin & Jedediah McCumber, along with Israel Stark (Susan's brother) all enlisted in the Revolution forces on the same day. Jedediah Mackenburgh, and Israel Starks are shown on a list of Non-commissioned Officers and Musicians Col. Samuel B. Webb's Regiment in , 1777-1781. They both enlisted Feb. 28, 1777. Jedediah was assigned to Major John Palsgrave Wyllys' company. Israel Starks was assigned to Captain James Watson's Company. Among the privates is a Benjamin Macinbar who enlisted Feb. 28, 1777 and was assigned to Caleb Bull's company. There is also a Benjamin Mack, who enlisted Mar. 7, 1777 and was assigned to Major John Palsgrave Wyllys' company. It is very difficult to establish with certainty that these are the people we are looking for.
Jedediah McCumber married his brother Benjamin's widow, Susan (Stark) McCumber. No evidence of this marriage has turned up yet. Jedediah moved to Oneida County, New York and then to Ellisburgh, Jefferson County, New York. There are several documents that record Jedediah and Susannah in upstate New York, but no marriage record has been located.
Israel Stark was held by the British as a prisoner of war There is an Israel Starks listed as a prisoner held in Forton Prison, Plymouth England.