The Two Joseph Hubbards

Before 1850 in Pike co Ill. there were two Joseph Hubbards. In Jess Thompson's book he states that Joseph (Sr.) who married Lucinda Lewis was the son of Charles and Jemima but more recent research has proven this to be an error. The elder Joseph, (Sr.), the one who married Lucinda and has been confused with Joseph Hubbard Jr. possibly was a nephew of Charles Sr. and his wife Jemima. (The Jr. and Sr. designation is for identification purposes only).

In his will Charles Sr. appointed his youngest son, Joseph, to care for his mother, Jemima. Joseph (Sr.) was older than Charles Jr., Eli, William and Joseph Jr., being born between 1790 and 1800, dying May 11, 1849. Therefore, Charles Sr.'s son could not have been the Joseph (Sr.) who married Lucinda Lewis. This is further proved by the letter written by William, as well as the ledger of Joseph Hubbard Jr. Also, land records of Pike co Ill. verify that Joseph that married Sarah Venable as his second wife, is the son of Charles and Jemima Hubbard.

Jess Thompson further states that Joseph Jr. was the son of Charles Jr. and his wife Margaret Cannon. Charles Jr. would have been 12 and Margaret was 11 months old when Joseph Hubbard Jr. was born! Another Thompson error states that Charles and Jemima's daughter Jemima married Isaac Capps when, in fact, it was their granddaughter, daughter of their son David, who married Isaac Capps.

This information is perpetuated because it was written and people tend to take the written word as "gospel" even when it has been proven wrong. In doing research on this Hubbard family this information continues to pop up. Any information, on any line taken from Jesse Thompson's book, or any book [or Internet site], including this one, for that matter may contain errors. BE AWARE OF THIS!

The birth dates of Charles Sr. and Jemima's children are taken from the ledger and I believe those to be accurate. I don't know just when this information was written, however I believe it was after 1836 when Charles Sr. died as his birth date is not included in the information. There is a notation in the ledger of 1767 minus 1849 and I think this to be the death year for Jemima. There is a further notation of died, March 1, 1849 which is perhaps the date of her death. She appears in the 1840 Pike co census living with her son Joseph and his two children but not in the 1850 Pike co census when he is living with his second wife and family.


  1. Descendants of Charles Hubbard and his wife Jemima" by Clara Foster, pg. 4.

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