HUBBARDs in the 1790 North Carolina Census

HubbardBen WILKES CO.Thirteenth Company12301-02-03-00-00
HubbordBirdBERTIE CO.Edenton District01302-01-07-00-07
HubbardHenry WAKE CO. Hillsborough District10202-02-05-00-00
HubbardJacob WILKES CO. Sixteenth Company12405-06-04-00-00
HubbardJamesDUPLIN CO.Wilmington District19201-00-00-00-00
HubbardJohnGUILFORD CO.Salisbury District15301-01-05-00-00
HubbardJohnFRANKLIN CO.Halifax District05901-03-03-00-00
HubbardJohnFRANKLIN CO.Halifax District05901-04-03-00-00
HubbardJosephCASWELL CO.Hillsborough District08200-00-00-00-00
HubbordRachallBERTIE CO.Edenton District01300-00-04-00-00
HubbardRalphCASWELL CO. Richmond District08100-00-00-00-00
HubbardRichdLINCOLN CO. First Company11101-04-03-00-00
HubbardWilliam ROCKINGHAM CO.Salisbury District16701-03-04-00-00
HubbardWilliamROCKINGHAM CO.Salisbury District16700-00-00-00-00
HubbardWilliam DUPLIN CO. Wilmington District19201-01-03-00-08

This census information is taken from the printed copy of the 1790 U.S. Census. The key to the numbers on the right are as follows:
00- Free white males 16 and over
00- Free white males under 16
00- Free white females
00- Other
00 Slaves

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